Finger sucking behavior and appropriate approaches in children should be how?

What are the ways to give a finger sucking habit?

What are the methods of giving up nail eating habits?

Finger sucking or nail-eating in children is one of the most disturbing behaviors of many mothers and fathers. Health problems can occur as well as disruptions in the development process of the finger-sucking child. Eating habits can also be a symptom of anxiety and aggression in the child. In general, both behavior problems are applied for a period of early childhood, then continue as a habit. It may even be the case for years.

  With the finger suction, some problems can develop in the mouth and tooth structure, and the removal of the unclean hand can make it easier to infect different diseases. In addition, the development of the child's normal steps through the pskologically growth of resistance can occur. For this reason, this behavior of the child should be corrected by finding the reasons behind this case. Breastfeeding children can be either too much or too little. This problem is more prevalent in children who have childish behaviors, are quickly broken, emotional, withdrawn, cannot express themselves verbally, cannot create successes in other areas, have a defense reaction against sterility. The child takes great pleasure in sucking his finger and taking his sucking finger into his mouth instead of the breastfeeding mom. This behavior, such as an addiction, repeats especially when it falls asleep. It makes the child happy when he takes his finger in his mouth and sucks it. Can not express himself when he does not speak but squeezes his finger by giving a relief. Some pediatricians have wrongly suggested that the child sucking his finger is better than a false nipple. We would like to emphasize that both false pacifier and finger sucking are not correct.

   This behavior is more common among children who are bored and feel lonely. We see that this behavior is more intense in children who are expecting a constant reward and happiness. While the first group repeats this behavior frequently, the other group continues these habits because of the expectation of continuous satisfaction and happiness. Finger sucking can prove us the presence of some troubles. These symptoms are considered as a sign of the desire of the child to return to the older and happier periods of life despite stress factors (sibling, immigration, domestic problems etc.). Fingers are used as a sensation tool for that period. In children with this condition, stress factors should be evaluated and the necessary guidance should be made to the child. Another reason is that this kind of behavior can be seen in children who have physical care by the family but cannot get enough satisfaction by love. For this reason, families only need to pay attention to the need for love and love with their children for a certain period of time.

   The child may want to continue this behavior as a continuation of cutting the baby from the milk or the bottle. In this case, parents show that there is a problem in preparing the child during normal development steps. In other cases, this kind of behavior can be seen in the children of the parents who treat the child as if they were too much of the guardian and the child. For this reason, parents' attitudes and direction of the child are important. The child's age and the appropriate value for him to do the necessary value to force the child to do that stage. Otherwise, the child will have difficulty in going through certain stages.

Parents resort to different ways to overcome this problem. even this can be reflected in an exaggerated way to the child. In this way, even in exceptional cases, behavior is not a permanent solution. Parents can cause child relationships to deteriorate. Ideally, this situation of the child will be completely in the environment of interest and love. In this case, the mother-child may cause the punishment of punishment. It is important to talk to him / her and to indicate that he / she is uncomfortable. But in this case you can like the child without judging and blaming him with respect and love. In cases where this is a habit, the child can use a cream. When you take his hand in the cream of cream you encounter him to warn you of the warnings and this behavior will be reminded.

  In order to correct the finger sucking condition, there should never be a form of struggle. Because in general, children win this struggle. Therefore, the type of approach to the child is important. Some children choose a way of sucking fingers when falling asleep. Some children look for a transition object while falling asleep. In this case, a toy or tale telling the child can be moved to another direction.

   In some cases, these problems may increase or settle due to a lack of warning in children who do not have a hobby that will be bored at home and have a fun, but who have to stay alone. The shortage of the child should be mitigated and motivated by the appropriate environment and the appropriate environment. Your child's good behavior should be rewarded. Successes in this area should be dubbed and the motivation to quit this habit should be ensured. If there are comorbid psychiatric conditions, the child will have such complaints.